• "[Fleeting] bears the marks of intense consideration, from the sunny, soaring rocker 'Optimist' to the lovely acoustic number 'Misty Morning.' [It] features a moody, melodic sound that fans of grayscale indie rockers like The National should thoroughly enjoy." Flagpole
  • "manages to balance pop, rock, indie and folk tendencies, with an equal emphasis on songwriting and production" Paste
  • “a warm, bright slice of organic indie pop” All Things Go
  • "I’ve literally played this disc all the way through at least once a day, and am still not tired of it. What kind of magic is this?!" Elmore Magazine
  • “I can assure you, if you listen to “Misty Morning’, your day will only get better” East of 8th
  • “earthy charm, mid-tempo pace, and earnest lyricism” I Heart Moosiq
  • “strong songwriting shines brightly on the project” PureVolume
  • "these songs can stand on their own by virtue of Martin’s songwriting prowess...the shiny, polished production is simply a perk that comes secondary to the songs themselves." Immersive Atlanta
  • “a Death Cab meets Bon Iver vibe going on that works” The Fire Note

The EP is is called “Fleeting,” which speaks to the nature of the human experience, the creative process, and the present moment.  In our finer moments, this transience can be used to inspire joy and creativity, rather than regression and chaos.  That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.  Thanks for journeying the weirdness with me.  Thanks for listening.